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My name is Paul and I have a health problem and quite a serious one. Actually that started quite long ago, I might say many years ago. I first experienced some problems with my back when I was just 18 – that could be attributed to the fact that I have a so-called sitting job, staring at the computer screen and trying to find the least awkward position in an armchair.

When I was only 23 I had the first aggravation and couldn’t get out of my bed in the morning because of severe pain in the lower part of the back and limbs.

As a reault spinal disc herniation was diagnosed and I started to look for the most efficient way to treat it. Those were years of permanent search for most efficient means and I really tried everything possible – from simple ointment from a drugstore to extremely expensive acupuncture done by a Chinese old man.

Here in the blog you will find the accumulation of my experience and practical knowledge, so that other sufferers do no repeat my mistakes and could use some ways and means already tested by others.

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